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Fabulous hair color doesn't happen by chance. The only way to achieve truly spectacular hair color every time is through the skill and creativity of an expert hair colorist.

Balayage is simply the next evolution in hair color. Derived from the French word balayage, meaning "to sweep", the technique involves hand painting of the hair with color or lightener to produce an incredibly individual result. The process is extremely versatile and can be combined with traditional American techniques, such as foiling or single process color, for a combination that has come to be known as "American tailoring". There is literally no limit as to what can be achieved through balayage. The possibilities are endless.

Balayage produces soft hints of lightness or depth (darkness) that look more natural and undoubtedly beautiful. Not like you just had your hair "foiled", but more like you have been at the beach for a month, or for brunettes, like you really do have "naturally" highlighted hair. If a more edgy or progressive result is desired, this is where placement comes into play.

balayage highlights

I usually think women look best when keeping their hair color close to its natural shade, with a few added highlights to bring out the texture of the cut. This usually compliments your skin tone and eye color etc.

This technique has shaken salons from coast to coast because it achieves an ultra-natural effect by mimicking nature's way of lightening hair. Hair should always be darker on the base of the hair shaft or the root area, rather then having light roots and dark ends. To balayage the hair, a lightening agent or hair color is painted on using a brush and paddle in a sweeping motion giving the hair colorist a bit more room to play and less methodical streaks. Foils aren't used and the precision of the fine-tooth comb weaving in tiny streaks is no longer necessary. The stylist uses a "sweeping" motion to apply lightener from thin at the roots to thicker towards the ends. This provides ultimate control over color application, allows for less outgrowth, much more color contrast within the hair and since the process requires no heat or foils, the hair experiences minimal damage (which is key for those of you with long hair).

The result is a gorgeous sun-kissed color of various shades of blonde and honey-toned hues that look as if you just spent the summer frolicking on the beach. And thus far has proven to be the most natural looking highlights ever. Balayage is more carefree than highlights because the streaks aren't defined and a pattern isn't developed. But because the method is less regimented, it gives the stylist much more creative freedom. I work on instinct very similar to an artist on a canvas.

People often ask the difference between traditional foiling and the artistry of hair painting. Not only is the result of hair painting far more beautiful but it is much healthier for the hair. Aluminum foil is a conducter of heat which almost bakes the bleach into the hair creating a very brassy effect.

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.

It's the perfect hair color trend and one of the most requested in my salon. The more your color grows out, the better it looks! You don't have to touch it up every 4 weeks because your natural root color will add to the drama and you don't have to worry about it fading because fading will simply make it better. So for this summer, why not try a moderate ombre style? One trip to my salon and your hair color will be set until fall. No touch ups, no extra expenses, it will look beautiful until you're ready to start with a brand new color. You could also try mixing it up by going with this summer's red hair trend and graduate it into soft, strawberry blond tips! It's a beautiful and hassel free style that you will be sure to enjoy.

There's a whole new world out there when it comes to hair color. From subtle lightening and weaving to a complete new color and dramatic change - Michael will help you define the look that is right for you.

Michael loves hair color and you will too when you discover how healthy, glossy and gorgeous your hair can look. Michael has the ability to create modern hair color that works for the individual woman. Shying away from the trendy hair color of the moment, he is more concerned about how the color works for each person.

It's no secret that anyone sitting in Michaels chair automatically feels special. Whether she is a busy professional, a runway model or a mom on the go, Michael is known for providing all clients with his undivided attention while he listens and assesses their hair color needs.

Michael has over 25 years experience in the professional beauty industry and is an expert in the highly skilled arts of Balayage and Corrective Color.


Michael Baxter is available for appointments at one of Denver's finest hair salons offering everything you would expect in a fine salon & spa and much more, saving you time and money. Denver Hair Color at My Salon Suites in Cherry Creek/Glendale is conveniently located in the Square One shopping center on Colorado Blvd. and Mississippi Ave. at the southeast corner. Clients will love our location and its proximity to surrounding neighborhoods including Cherry Creek, Bonnie Brae, Washington Park, Hilltop, Park Hill, Lowry and Observatory Park with plenty of FREE parking.

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